Metalorg Recycling Ltd. is collecting, processing and developing waste mobilephones as dangerous scrap.

Do not throw away your waste cellphone to the dustbin because you are polluting your environment !

Did you know

  •  that several hundred millions of mobilephones are thrown away globally per year?
  •  that recently mobilephone scrap is growing rapidly the fastest way?
  •  users of cellphones are buying newer and newer model every 18 months?

    Do you know what are the advantages of recycling mobilephones for our environment?
  • Recycling mobilephones, poisoning chemicals should not put into wastebins.
  • mobilephones contain lead, arsenic, berillium and other poisoning chemicals which can pollute the soil and soilwater.
  • Only one thrown away mobilephone can pollute 150.000 liter soilwater.
  • Recycling mobilephones is reducing demand for environment destructing minerals and precious metals.

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    Sales Manager Electronic Scrap

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    Sales Manager Electronic Scrap

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    Thanks, for help protecting our environment !

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